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Imperial College London (ICL) Medicine Interview Questions Explained 2023 – Full guide.

You secured an interview for Imperial College London Medical School, and now it’s time to turn that interview into an acceptance offer. The key lies in acing your interview with proper preparation so that nothing comes as a shock the day of. This guide lays out the general format the interview follows, the question formats you can expect to see, and the best way to answer them. Let’s get started.

Imperial Medicine Interview Format

Imperial College London Medical school will be conducting a two-part MMI interview in 2022. The first interview is an online asynchronous interview around January 2022 and then an online live MMI around March 2022.

The asynchronous interview will involve you recording a 20-minute video of yourself answering questions sent to you by the admissions team and uploading it to Imperial College London’s online platform called Panopto capture. You will have five minutes to answer each questions.

For more MMI instructions from Imperial College London click here.

The second part of the interview process will be a live face-to-face MMI which will most likely be ran online in March 2022. It will consist of a ‘standard’ MMI circuit tailored towards Imperial College London’s own criteria involving 7 stations which will each be 5 minutes each with a 1 minute break between each station.

When are the Imperial Medicine Interview Dates?

January to March 2022. Asynchronous interview in January 2022, MMI interview in March 2022.

What Are The Main Topics Covered By The Imperial Medicine Interview?

  • Team work and Leadership.

  • Motivation to study medicine.

  • Understanding the role of a doctor.

  • Empathy and breaking bad news.

  • Ethics scenarios.

  • Imperial and contribution to school of medicine.

  • Resilience.

Top Tips for Imperial Medicine Interview

We have already had many students book interview coaching with us to prepare for their asynchronous interviews. We are now preparing our students for the MMI in March. We have a bank of previous Imperial Medicine interview questions that we use in our mock interviews and in our teaching. Get in touch if you want to find out more!

The most important difference with the Imperial medicine interview is to have a deep understanding of the Imperial College London medical curriculum and to be able to confidently talk about medical ethics, deal with challenging role-plays, and confidently talk about and reflect on your work experience.

Imperial College School of Medicine (ICSM) is one of the most prestigious medical schools in the world - ranked recently as the 3rd best medical school in the world by the times!

Please see our resource bank below for more general advice on preparing for MMIs.

How will the interview be marked?

Imperial College London are transparent about their marking criteria. They give 7 points for content (what you say) and 3 points for communication (how you say it).

We have a deep understanding of Imperial College London’s interview marking criteria and we utilise this to help our students succeed in our mock Imperial MMIs and our interview coaching.


1. Medicine Interview Checklist – have you covered all of these points?

2. 10 Common Medicine Interview Stations explained – check out how an interview expert would approach 10 common medicine interview stations.

3. What do you on the day of your medical school interview – the day is here, are you ready?

4. Online Medicine Interview tips – What is your Netiquette like?

5. Know when medical schools send out interview invites so that you can plan your preparation!

Put all that you have learned in this guide to the Sheffield Medicine Interview into practice with a MasterMedPrep Mock Interview!


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