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Online Medicine Interview Tips

A short blog post today with a few of my top tips for online medicine interviews.

If you want any advice about medicine interview or want to book a mock interview or any interview tutoring please do get in touch.

Setting up for an online interview

  • Keep a glass of water and a tissue handy!

  • Quiet area – ensure that you are not disturbed during your interview.

  • You must be alone in the room.

  • Reliable technology = good camera, microphone.

  • Test your technology well in advance of your interview so that you have time to fix any issues!

  • Put your laptop on charge!

  • I advise candidates to use headphones as the audio is much better.

Inside the FRAME

  • Lighting = Test this before your interview. Natural light is best. Failing this, a light in front of you works well.

  • Around you = Ideally a plain wall/ bookshelf/neutral piece of furniture behind you. Ideally no bed behind you. If it has to be, that is fine but make sure that the bed is made. Ensure that any background is tidy and in no way offensive.

  • Clothes = Keep it simple and highly professional.

  • Posture = Sit up and smile!

  • Eye contact = We have a tendency to look at OURSELVES in a video call. It’s an instinct. You have to look at the camera (NOT the screen). This is something worth practicing - it will help you show confidence and professionalism. One tip if you struggle with this is to move the little frame that has the video of you, in the TOP MIDDLE of your screen, just under the camera. That way, even if you are looking at yourself - it will look like you are looking at the camera.


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