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Online Medicine Work Experience 2023

Calling Future Doctors!
Are You Considering A Career in Medicine? Are You Applying to Medical School?
Book a Place on our  Medicine Work Experience Course Today.

Widening Participation - SEE BELOW. We are offering a limited number of 50% off places for students who meet our WP criteria.

✔ Certificate of attendance for your application. 

✔ Free reflection on work experience for medical interview guide.

✔ Run by top medical students and doctors.

✔ Insight into the life of a doctor and the multidisciplinary team. 

✔ Clinical cases. 

✔ Interactive & fun. 

✔ Practical steps and advice for your medical application. 

✔ Online and easily accessible.



Dr Bethan Clayton MBChB (Hons) BSc (Hons)

Beth is an academic doctor at Royal Preston hospital. She studied biomedical sciences before studying medicine. Beth was one of the highest scoring medical students in her year at the University of Manchester.

Beth will be giving us an insight into a day in the life of a doctor and running through some clinical cases.

Dr Daniel Warrington MBChB MSc (Dist)

Dan is an academic doctor at Manchester University Foundation Trust. He intercalated in an MSc in Healthcare Ethics and Law.

Dan will be on hand to talk about his experience as a medical student and preparing to be a doctor. He is also an expert in medical admissions and will be on hand to answer any questions and to give you some top tips. 

Dr Gavin Ball MBChB MRes

Dr Jake Hancock MBChB (Hons)

Jake is a doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. Jake graduated from the University of Manchester with Distinction. ​


Jake is passionate about teaching and helping students get into medical school.

Dr Kajal Tamber MBChB (Hons) MSc (Dist)

Mr Cameron Elsworth MSc

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Interactive multi-session work experience webinar, facilitated by practicing doctors, current medical students, and other members of the MDT. Designed to inform, educate, and give insights into a career in medicine.

By attending our virtual work experience programme you will gain first-hand insights from practicing doctors and current medical students about the realities of a career in medicine and life during medical school.


You will join a simulated patient on their journey from initial presentation to diagnosis and management. You will learn how to conduct a patient consultation, interpret clinical signs and manage a patient in an acute setting. 


By the end of this work experience webinar, you will have experienced the healthcare setting from the perspective of a patient and a healthcare professional. 


We will finish this webinar with a next steps plan guiding you on how to focus your efforts on your medical school application over the coming months


What will happen on the day?

A Day in the life of a Junior Doctor


During this talk a doctor will talk you through a day in their working life. You will gain insights into exactly what it is a junior doctor does on a daily basis, on the positives and negatives of working as a doctor and a full explanation of how they got to where they are today. 


Life as a medical student


A top medical student will talk to you about how they got to where they are today, what a their daily life looks like at medical school and give you some practical tips on maximising your chances at application.

Learning from your work experience, a guide to proper reflection


Reflection is essential to producing good answers at interview! By signing up to this work experience webinar you will receive a free video guide on reflection and a template to use during this webinar! We will recap the important details before we meet our patient!


An introduction to clinical history taking


Clinical history taking is one of a doctor’s most important skills. Through an interactive workshop, you will learn the key principles underpinning a good patient centred clinical history clinical history, before having the opportunity to discuss questions that we may ask an example patient.


Managing medical emergencies 


Emergencies are a reality of working in medicine, staying calm and thinking logically in a high pressured environment is essential to providing our patients with good outcomes. During this simulated discussion, you will witness an example medical emergency and formulate a management plan with the speakers. 

You will also see which communication skills are necessary when breaking bad news. 


What next? Using the coming months to build your medical school application


We hope that this work experience webinar will have given you inspiration to push forward with your medical school application! We will finish up by guiding attendees through a medical school application timeline for the next few months and giving practical tips on what to do to improve your own application.

Widening Participation

We want medical work experience to be accessible to anyone. We are happy to offer a 50% discount on our admin fee to widening participation students. 


To be eligible for the scheme, you need to provide evidence of at LEAST ONE of the following criteria (proof required):

- Refugee status or an asylum seeker.

-are responsible for the unpaid care or wellbeing of a dependant.

- Care leaver or currently in care.

- In receipt of a widening access bursary from your university or school.

NB - due to the high number of applicants. Applications for WP funding from private school or top selective grammar schools will be rejected. 

Widening Participation Form

Thanks for submitting!

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