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Premium 1-1 UCAT Tutoring

Book a free call with a UCAT Expert now to kickstart your UCAT Prep.

What is the UCAT?

The UCAT test is a mandatory entrance exam for prospective dentistry or medical students. Primarily used in the UK and formerly known as the UKCAT, it is now also used in Australia and New Zealand.

The UCAT is a critical part of your application. It is comprised of 5 subtests: Abstract Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making and Situational Judgement.

1-1 UCAT Tutoring

Some students prefer, and benefit more from, 1-1 tutoring and we are experts at facilitating this. We can offer tailored support on any area of the UCAT.

We recommend that you get in touch with us before booking 1-1 UCAT tutoring so that we can ensure that we match you up with a tutor that fits your needs and design an individual plan  to score highly in the UCAT.

Why choose us?

We have designed tuition to cover each section of the UCAT in-depth. The course has been developed by UCAT experts and will be taught by UCAT experts. This is a premium and bespoke service.

We have developed a unique tracking system so that you can track and plan your revision, tuition, and progress in real-time with your tutors. 

Most companies allocate tutors randomly with no training. We only allow tutors who are experts in each section to tutor and you can see their profiles on this website. We only hire the best in the business!

Where Do I Start?

Request a free 15-minute call now with one of our directors, Dan or Cameron, to discuss a bespoke 1-1 UCAT Tutoring Plan.

Book a Free 15 Minute Consultation Now

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