Interview Coaching From The Top 10% Medical Students & Doctors.
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Turn Your Interviews Into Offers

We have years of experience and conduct meticulous research every year into the medicine interview process. We will teach you the best strategies to ace your medicine interview. 

We know what medical schools are looking for. We have created 10 hours of lessons with specific homework tasks that will ensure that you are more prepared than the competition. 

Check out our syllabus below. Our most successful students complete 10-15 hours of interview coaching. You can complete all of the lessons or pick and choose your areas of weakness. 

Whatever your needs - get in touch and we will be able to help! 

What is a medical or dental school interview? 

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Why Should You Trust MasterMedPrep? 

Fists in Solidarity
  • The unique MasterMedPrep Interview Dashboard allowing tutors, students, and parents to track progress through the interview coaching and access feedback easily. 

  • Experienced and fully DBS checked tutors. 

  • Specifically designed lessons to teach all of the content needed for interview and to give the students lots of practice. 

  • All lessons are supported with homework tailored to the student. 

  • We will give lots of feedback throughout interview coaching.

MasterMedPrep Interview Dashboard 

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Interview Coaching Syllabus 

  1. Introduction to Interviews. 

  2. Motivation for Medicine, Work Experience, and Volunteering. 

  3. Duties of a Doctor and the SJT.

  4. A Realistic Understanding of Medicine.

  5. Personal Qualities, Strengths, Weaknesses. 

  6. Medical Ethics & Law.

  7. Hot Topics.

  8. Role Play.

  9. Special Stations.

  10. Example Questions.