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Concentrated Surgical team operating a patient in an operation theater. Well-trained anest


SATURDAY 13th April 2024


✔ Certificate of attendance for your application. 

✔ Run by Top surgeons and Medical Students.

✔ Practice practical skills.

✔ Anatomy teaching by an anatomy demonstrator who has taught at medical schools.

✔ Insight into the life of a surgeon and the multidisciplinary team. 

✔ Clinical cases. 

✔ Interactive & fun. 

✔ Practical steps and advice for your medical application. 

✔ Online and easily accessible.


First come, first served. We are running this surgery day at the request of many students who attend our medicine work experience. This will make you STAND OUT on any Medical School Application.

Non-refundable due to limited places.


Dr Daniel Warrington MBChB MSc (Dist)
- Academic Foundation Doctor

Dan is the founder of MasterMedPrep. Dan is  academic doctor at Manchester University Foundation Trust. Dan has an MSc in Healthcare Ethics and Law (Distinction). He was the first person in his family to go to university and is passionate about helping others.

Dan has worked in general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and geriatric medicine. He also holds an academic post at the University of Manchester where he researches medical ethics.

He has worked as a private tutor for many years and is one of the most experienced tutors for everything medical admissions.

Image by National Cancer Institute


Interactive multi-session surgery experience webinar, facilitated by practising surgeons, current medical students, and other members of the MDT. Designed to inform, educate, and give insights into a career in medicine.

By attending our virtual surgery experience programme you will gain first-hand insights from practising surgeons and current medical students about the realities of a career in medicine and life during medical school.


You will join a simulated patient on their journey from initial presentation to diagnosis and management. You will learn how to conduct a surgical consultation, interpret surgical signs and manage a surgical patient in an acute setting. 


By the end of this work experience webinar, you will have experienced the healthcare setting from the perspective of a patient and a surgeon.  


We will finish this webinar with a next steps plan guiding you on how to focus your efforts on your medical school application over the coming months


What will happen on the day?

A Day in the life of a Surgeon


During this talk a surgeon will talk you through a day in their working life. You will gain insights into exactly what it is a surgeon does on a daily basis, on the positives and negatives of working as a surgeon and a full explanation of how they got to where they are today. 


An Introduction to Surgical History Taking


Clinical history taking is one of a surgeon’s most important skills. Through an interactive workshop, you will learn the key principles underpinning a good patient centred clinical history clinical history, before having the opportunity to discuss questions that we may ask an example patient.


Managing surgical emergencies 


Emergencies are a reality of working in surgery, staying calm and thinking logically in a high pressured environment is essential to providing our patients with good outcomes. During this simulated discussion, you will witness an example medical emergency and formulate a management plan with the speakers. 

You will also see which communication skills are necessary.


Anatomy Lesson


Anatomy is obviously essential for any aspiring surgeon! We will have an anatomy demonstrator take you through some essential surgical anatomy. This will be useful when you start medical school and look great on your personal statement and give you something real and practical to talk about in your interviews!

Practical Skills


Surgeons need to be good with their hands and have good dexterity. It can be difficult to prove this on a medicine application, but you will be able to talk about this practical skills session in your personal statement and interview. 

We will be doing a surgical knot tying session.

What skills do surgeons need?

  • surgical handwashing.

  • gowning and double-gloving.

  • skin preparation and draping.

  • tying a variety of surgical knots.

  • handling key surgical instruments.

  • interrupted, mattress and subcuticular suturing.

  • local anaesthetic techniques.

  • excision of skin lesion.

  • + many more!


What next? Using the coming months to build your medical school application


We hope that this work experience webinar will have given you inspiration to push forward with your medical school application! We will finish up by guiding attendees through a medical school application timeline for the next few months and giving practical tips on what to do to improve your own application.

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