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  • Megan Richardson

Mastering the Imperial Asynchronous and Synchronous Interviews 2023

A tool for preparing for the Imperial Asynchronous and Synchronous Interview for Medicine

The Imperial asynchronous and synchronous interviews can seem daunting but this tool is a really active way to prepare.

The best way to use this is to record yourself answering the following questions, then, use these model mark schemes and example answers to mark yourself.

I really do hope you find this helpful. If you did, let us know by emailing

1. Record your answer to these four questions:

What are the duties of a doctor? (Understanding the role of a doctor)

Why do you want to go to Imperial Medical School specifically? (Imperial and contribution to school of medicine)

Are you a leader or a follower? (Teamwork and Leadership)

Define resilience. Are you a resilient person? (Resilience)

2. Mark using the mark schemes and model answers below:

What are the duties of a doctor?

Positive Answer Traits

  • Frame’s answer around GMC guidelines and Good Medical Practice

  • Has relevant experience or can talk about these two resources (recommended by Imperial Medical School due to relaxed work experience rules, given the challenges and barriers to getting clinical experience) NHS Health Careers website & Working in Health YouTube Channel

  • Uses a STARR or PEE style reflection

  • Links everything back to their own future career

  • Candidate is enthusiastic

  • Candidate sets a good speaking space

  • Candidate sets a professional tone and avoids slang