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Cardiff University Medicine Interview Questions Explained 2023 - Full Guide

You secured an interview for Cardiff University Medical School, and now it’s time to turn that interview into an acceptance offer. The key lies in acing your interview with proper preparation so that nothing comes as a shock the day of. This guide lays out the general format the interview follows, the question formats you can expect to see, and the best way to answer them. Let’s get started.

Cardiff University Medicine Interview 2022 General Information

Cardiff invites shortlisted applicants to interview (normally December/ January after the UCAS deadline in October). Cardiff uses a multiple mini-interview (MMI) format to screen hopeful applicants. They use 9 stations in total with each station lasting 8 minutes. They design the interview to test the GMC’s specified attributes and personal qualities essential for a good doctor.

They send invitations via email with a link to the online booking system, once an applicant has booked an interview the timing cannot be changed. Make sure to check with the other medical schools you have applied to in order to avoid clashes.

What Are They Looking For At The Cardiff University Medicine Interview?

For 2022, Cardiff will assess an applicant’s compatibility with the description of what it means to be a good doctor seen in Good Medical Practice;

It says that as a good doctor you will:

  • Make the care of your patient your first concern

  • Be competent and keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date

  • Take prompt action if you think patient safety is compromised

  • Establish and maintain good partnerships with your patients and colleagues

  • Maintain trust in you and the profession by being open, honest and acting with integrity

Cardiff University Medicine Interview Question Topics

The Cardiff Medicine Interview will assess your aptitude as a potential doctor and testing your commitment to and understanding of a career in medicine. You can expect the topics to cover;

  • Your motivation for medicine

  • Your personal insight and realistic understanding of a career in medicine

  • Your personal strengths and weaknesses

  • Your ability to evaluate ethical scenarios and to consider patient rights

  • Your ability to work in a team and as a leader

  • Your understanding of the Welsh healthcare system and contemporary issues affecting the NHS

  • Your understanding of and reflections on your own personal suitability for the course at Cardiff

Cardiff University Medicine Interview Top Tips

Cardiff university specifically mentions Good Medical Practice in their selection criteria, as a baseline all applicants must be familiar with this document and it’s purpose. The General Medical Council (GMC) has published Good Medical Practice, familiarise yourself with the role of the GMC prior to the interview!

Being one of the few Welsh medical schools, you may receive questions specifically relating to Welsh healthcare. Learning about how healthcare is structured in Wales will show a commitment to Cardiff.

General Medicine Interview Top Tips

Speak slowly and THINK before you answer

You will be well prepared, to make this shine through by remaining calm and logical on the day. As Cardiff uses an MMI format, you will have time to plan what you want to say beforehand, use this well.

Delivery is 50% of the battle at any medical school interview, it’s common to speak slightly faster when under pressure. However, this will make it much harder for an examiner to truly listen to and understand your answer. If you’re worried that you speak to quickly, try recording yourself on your phone and listen back!

Cardiff University Medicine Interview Key Resources

· The interview is based on the attributes outlined in Good Medical Practice, this is essential reading!

· Articles explaining the Welsh healthcare system,

Put all that you have learned in this guide to the Cardiff Medicine Interview into practice with a MasterMedPrep Mock Interview!

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