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PANEL INTERVIEW = Panel interview tailored towards your chosen university. 


MMI = 8 personalised Mock MMI Stations delivered by our expert medics with full verbal and written feedback on how to improve. 


OXFORD/CAMBRIDGE = Panel interview tailored spefically for Oxford or Cambridge Medical School.


Your mock MMI will be personalised to you for your medical school choices. It will be followed by verbal and written feedback. Please allow 2 hours for your mock MMI. 


The MOST effective way to ensure that you are prepared for your medical school interview. 




Please book this package whether you want an MMI/panel/Oxford/Cambridge interview. You should book and pay. We will be immediately notified of your booking. Please email us at with details of the university you want your mock interview tailored towards. Please also email us your availabily and preferred date and time for a mock interview (we have ALWAYS managed to accommodate students so do not worry). Please also email us any strengths/weaknesses. 

Full Mock Medicine Interview - 1.5 hours

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