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✔ A high-yield, cost-effective SJT course ran in collaboration with Manchester Medsoc.

✔ Support the BMA Strike Fund.

✔  Run by a Top Scoring Academic Doctor.

✔  Practice SJT Skills.

✔  Learn from Doctors who took the test last year.

✔  Insight into what is expected from the SJT and how to Score Highly.

✔ Online and accessible.

✔  Interactive and engaging.

Foundation Programme SJT Course

Want to ace your SJT and get into a top deanery?
We offer a genuine SJT preparation course in collaboration with Manchester Medsoc.

Do I need to attend an SJT Course?

Not at all. There is no pressure to attend an SJT course and there is no evidence base that they will help you to score higher in the SJT. You can utilise the free resources online and make sure that you are well acquinated with GMC Good Medical Practice.

We are running this SJT event to support students and the BMA Strike Fund. If you are going to attend any course then we will try our best to deliver something useful, engaging, and affordable.

We aim to use all of our experience in preparing for the SJT only last year to give you the best tips that we can.


Why choose us?

  • All tutors have an enhanced DBS check and are doctors or student doctors. 

  • We are honest and transparent on our website.

  • We are collaborating with Manchester Medsoc for this event - the UK's biggest Medsoc.

  • All of our tutors have a wealth of experience tutoring students on a 1-1 basis.

  • All tutors must pass our strict application process and engage with continual training and quality control.

  • We have top reviews from students and schools.

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