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Book UCAT Exam 2023. When is UCAT 2023?

UCAT Booking opens on 20 June at 6am. Ensure to book an exam slot early.

Key UCAT Dates 2023

  • 16 May (09:30 BST) - UCAT Account creation opens. Bursary and Access Arrangement applications open.

  • 20 June (06:00 BST) - Booking opens.

  • 10 July - Testing starts

  • 19 September (12 noon BST) - Access Arrangement application deadline

  • 21 September (12 noon BST) - Booking deadline. UCAT Account creation closes.

  • 28 September - Final Test Day.

  • 29 September (16:00 BST) - Bursary Scheme application deadline

  • 16 October - UCAT deadline.

  • Early November - UCAT Results delivered to universities.

When is the best date to book your UCAT Test?

There is no 'magic' or 'best' date to book your UCAT test. At MasterMedPrep, we find that our best performing students sit the exam in August. This often works well as it gives students time to prepare, but also time to focus on other important things in September such as A-levels, Personal Statements, and Interview preparation.

However, it is a personal decision and MasterMedPrep supports students who sit the exam at any date.

How much does the UCAT test cost?

The test fee must be paid unless you are eligible for a bursary.

  • Tests taken in the UK: £70

  • Tests taken outside the UK: £115

UK candidates in financial need can apply for a UCAT Bursary Voucher to pay for their test.

Candidates applying to Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (Singapore) may use an International Voucher purchased by their school to pay for their test.

Where can I sit my UCAT Exam?

The UCAT is delivered in Pearson VUE test centres throughout the UK and in 130+ countries worldwide.

Find your nearest test centre: Pearson VUE Test Centre Locator

If travel to a test centre is difficult because of distance, pandemic, war, civil unrest or natural disaster, please refer to information on OnVUE online proctored testing before booking your test.

How do I book my UCAT Test?

Which universities require the UCAT?

Most medical schools in the UK require the UCAT exam. The other exam sometimes required is called the BMAT. 2023 is the final year of the BMAT exam as it is being phased out. Some universities, such as Leeds University, have already decided to switch to using the UCAT for this year.

BMAT universities include:

  • Brighston and Sussex Medical School.

  • Imperial College London.

  • Lancaster University.

  • University College London (UCL).

  • University of Cambridge.

  • University of Oxford.


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