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What is Problem-Based Learning (PBL) or Case-Based Learning (CBL)?

Problem/Case Based Learning is a type of learning used in medical school. It takes place in small tutor groups, roughly 10 people but this number can vary. The group is given a problem or case to look at, usually focusing on a particular area of medicine eg cardiovascular system. The case is then followed by a series of lectures over the course of roughly two weeks as well as labs relating to the topic. The aim of PBL/CBL is to allow the student to become immersed in a subject area, giving them the opportunity to research aspects that interest them.

PBL/CBL can be a great way of giving students independence without leaving them with no guidance. It allows students to personalise parts of their learning to a certain extent.

It's not all work - usually universities leave Wednesday afternoon free for sports and societies!

If you have any questions then please do get in touch and we will help - no question is too big or too small!


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