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  • Amy van Dongen

University of St Andrew’s Medical School Interview 2022/2023 – EXPLAINED

The University of St Andrew's is the oldest medical school in Scotland and one of the most prestigious in the world. Famous alumni include small pox vaccine pioneer Edward Jenner, revolutionary journalist Jean-Paul Marat, and inventor of beta blockers and H2 receptor antagonists, Nobel Prize in Medicine winner Sir James Black.

St Andrews Medical school is different to most medical schools in that you will be able to spend the first 3 years of your degree in St Andrews, and then the latter 3 years studying in one of its partner medical schools. It’s a unique opportunity to study medicine in more than one area of the country, so keep reading to make sure you are as prepared as you can be for the interview!

Interview selection

Once you’ve sent off your application, you will be assessed against other candidates on the bases of:

- Academic performance

- Personal statement and reference

- UCAT score

It is these criteria that determine whether or not you land an interview, so click HERE for more information on how you can maximise your chance of an invitation.