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University of Manchester Medical School Interview Explained 2023

You secured an interview for the University of Manchester Medical School, and now it’s time to turn that interview into an acceptance offer. Manchester Medical School has a special place for us here at MasterMedPrep as our founder, Dan, attended Manchester Medical School!

The key lies in acing your interview with proper preparation so that nothing comes as a shock the day of. This guide lays out the general format the interview follows, the question formats you can expect to see, and the best way to answer them. Let’s get started!

The University of Manchester is an institution that is known for its high educational level, competence and good academic training. It is on the list of the best study centers in England. It has a long tradition because it started in 1824, it also offers several courses and schools. One of the most outstanding is the Manchester Medical School because it is very well known in the United Kingdom. It is among the largest and oldest in the nation. That is why it is attractive for medical learning, find out more here about its admission process.

Manchester Medical School selection criteria

The main requirements for entry to medicine at Manchester are twofold, the first being academic selection. In this the institution analyzes the applicant's previous educational performance, scores, previous results and training capacity.

For this they may award an overall score which is derived from three factors: UCAT, GCSE and contextual. These are important in measuring the applicant's academic qualities. That is, in order to determine whether you are qualified or meet the requirements of the university.

While the second requirement is the interview, to get to this applicants have to pass the academic assessment. The application dates vary according to the year, context or situation of the faculty. After the pandemic they started to do it online.

How does Manchester Medical School evaluate applicants during interviews?

Manchester abides by the Good Medical Practice document for the purpose of screening applicants and establishing desirable qualities. This brief from the General Medical Council (GMC) aims to guide the way health professionals should act.

It also stipulates the skills and knowledge of prospective students. In the case of interviews to study medicine in Manchester, the MMI or Multiple Mini Interviews format is used. This type of questioning is ideal for getting to know you and assessing your opinions.

It is also perfect for you to demonstrate your coping attitude, values and ability to communicate. MMIs involve you going through different stations that consist of short interviews. The panel of judges includes people associated with the medical field. The process can be modified, but generally works like this:

Knowledge, motivation and skills

The different short interviews seek to verify your intuition, intelligence and scope of today's healthcare difficulties. Likewise, they evaluate skills in critical thinking on specific medical topics. As well as motivation for this career.

Group work

Another interview to get into Manchester Medical School involves inquiring how well you work in a group. They will try to consider how you perform with your peers, what your attitude and level of patience, compassion or kindness is.

Individual work

The purpose of this questioning is to check how you respond or cope with a medical event. To do so, the jury will give you a case. Then you must answer them what you would do if that is actually presented to you in the field.


In this case, the interview will try to find out about your aspirations for medical school in Manchester. They will ask you to explain your reasons for wanting to become a health professional.

Sample Manchester Medical School interview questions

The interview is a crucial step in becoming a part of the University of Manchester. They are demanding in this aspect, especially in medical school. When going through this process stay calm, make a good impression, don't forget your body language, relax and answer confidently. The questions may be different, but some examples are:

● Why do you want to choose this career?

● What specialty do you want to select?

● Questions about current events, news, situations.

● Why study at this university?

● What has been your experience in this field?

● How would you work in a team?

● Opinions about a problem.

● Questions to measure how you treat patients.

Personal Qualities - Manchester Medical School

Manchester Medical School looks for its students to have excellent personal qualities and be responsive to society. They consider an applicant to be ideal when he or she demonstrates solidarity, first aid skills, medical facts, career information.

Ethical scenarios - Manchester Medical School

The profile and characteristics to enter this school are based on what is stated in the Good Medical Practice document. This document also presents different values. The university looks at these ethical scenarios and how you apply them to make your choice.

Key Resources - Manchester

You can begin to ask a series of possible questions and answer them including the advice we gave you. It is important that you research about the career and current scenarios in this area. To give you a better chance we offer you mock interviews.


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