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University of Buckingham Medical School 2023 – Essential information on Buckingham Medicine

After securing an interview at The University of Buckingham, it is essential to read up and learn about the university! This blog will break down the key need to know information about The University of Buckingham that you can take forward to your interview!

For a full explanation of The University of Buckingham’s’ medicine interviews 2022 please check our blog on the topic.

The University of Buckingham Medical School ethos

The University of Buckingham states that there ethos is to put students first above all else. They aim to do this by creating a cohesive and supportive community within the school whilst giving students a broad enough experience to become a competent medical practitioner.

Understanding the Buckingham ethos and being able to discuss it as a reason for wanting to come to the university will impress at interview.

What does the General Medical Council (GMC) say about Buckingham Medical School?

The GMC commended the University for ‘excellent professional, academic and pastoral support that extends throughout the University and clinical learning environments.

As well as being the professional regulator of doctors, the GMC ensure that standards of medical education are maintained. To receive such high commendation is impressive. Discussing the GMC rating as a testament to the strength of the course at Buckingham during your interview will demonstrate wider reading.

Essential information about the University of Buckingham medicine course

How long is the course at Buckingham Medical School?

The University of Buckingham MBChB Medicine course is a 4.5-year programme and starts in a January. This is shorter than many UK medical schools which offer 5-year programmes.

The course is divided into Phases 1 and 2.

Phase 1 information

· Integrated systems-based learning

· Clinical experience starts from the first semester

· By the end of phase 1, students will have a sufficient understanding of how the body works to embark on full time clinical work

Phase 2 information

· Phase 2 builds on the foundations of phase 1 in the clinical environment

· Placements will take place in hospitals and general practices

Special elements of the Buckingham Medicine course

Narrative Medicine (NM) unit -Buckingham Medicine

The Narrative Medicine block involves students following an allocated patient with a long term condition in primary care (GP) for 18 months, visiting them regularly. This will provide students with an opportunity to view a long-term condition from the perspective of the patient and gain a deeper understanding of the impact of long-term conditions on patients lives.

This is a feature relatively unique to Buckingham. To discuss at your interview will demonstrate thorough research.

Campuses - University of Buckingham (Medicine)

The Buckingham course is delivered across two campuses; Buckingham and Crewe, with different partner hospitals used dependent on the location.

The partner hospitals include

· Milton Keynes University Hospital

· St Andrews Hospital (Northampton)

· South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

· Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Societies and University life - University of Buckingham

Universities want medical students that are going to be a positive influence on the university community. Participation in a society is an excellent way to do this. For information on the societies available at both campuses please use the following links:

· Crewe

Get in touch if you have any questions about Buckingham Medical School or want tuition to help secure yourself a place!

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