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Tracking your UCAT preparation - The "MasterMedPrep UCAT Tracker"

Our UCAT tracker is designed to act as a central hub for MasterMedPrep students, parents, and tutors. It will allow us to understand exactly how a student is progressing with tutoring, revision, and scores. The MasterMedPrep approach is highly personalised and this is another tool that will help us to achieve this, allowing us to personalise our UCAT teaching from day 1.

The video below shows our tutor, Cameron, demonstrating the MasterMedPrep UCAT Tracker...

What are the goals of the UCAT tracker?
  1. To give the student a personalised timetable for the week with agreed upon goals for the week.

  2. To track a student's progression through our unique syllabus.

  3. To provide the student and their parents with a lesson summary.

  4. To track the students progress and specifically their mock performance.

How to use the tracker


Date tracker

· Input the UCAT date, the formula will create a real-time countdown.


· The timetable is intended to provide students with structure. Four sessions per day are included, this can be extended up to six by using cells beneath the timetable. However, this may be too much for a student.

· The timetable blocks are intended to make creating a weekly timetable as easy as possible, simply ctrl/command + c the desired block and ctrl/ command v in the desired cell.

How should a student fill a block?

· These are designed to be between 25-40 minutes each, ideally one Medify mini-mock on the section and reflective marking, meaning the student actively identifies an issue with this mock, writes it down and rectifies it for the next revision mini-mock and discusses in lessons if needed.

Confidence tracker

· Ask the student to rate their confidence on the overall sections at the specified points during the tutoring. This will hopefully serve as a motivator for the students

Syllabus tracker

· Each syllabus point can be found in lessons, continue to mark off as these are covered

· Check the student’s confidence at the end of the lesson and mark down – this ensures accurate understanding

· The tracker can be used as a checklist when fine-tuning revision at a later stage in the tutoring and as a means of identifying areas for improvement

Lesson summaries

· There is a master template do not fill this in.

· Make sure to copy the template and paste it below the master copy.

· Fill in the summary after every lesson, this formalises all content cover and ensures that lessons are ended with goals in mind.

· You do not need to fill all five for each section, five is a realistic maximum number of points to include.

· These will be a useful resource for students to use and reflect on their progress.

UCAT Mock tracker

· This is used to track student scores in official tests.

· If the student uses Medify, this has its own tracker, it may be useful to ask a student to screenshare their Medify progress from time to time.

· All tables are calibrated to calculate percentages from each sections raw mark, just input the raw mark

· The score estimator included is not going to be 100% representative of the UCAT score. UCAT scores are banded based on cohort averages from question to question.


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