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UCAT Preparation Strategies 2022

So you're sitting the UCAT in 2022 and now it's time to think about preparation. The key lies in properly preparing for each section so that nothing comes as a shock on the day. This guide lays out the optimal approach for your UCAT preparation, the techniques you should use and where to find key information. Let's get started.

How can I prepare for the UCAT?

As with any exam, preparation is key to success. At MasterMedPrep we recommend allowing yourself at least 4-6 weeks of focused preparation for the UCAT exam. You should plan your preparation in advance and break the exam down into manageable chunks in order to succeed.

  1. Understanding the exam

  2. Break down each section and use specific strategies

  3. Consolidation with practice

  4. Practice to time

  5. Simulate the exam setting

What date should I pick for my UCAT?

This is the first step to take when planning your preparation. You should pick a date that allows you a window of 4-6 weeks to focus mainly on the UCAT. If you are in year 12 and breaking up for summer in mid-July, consider picking a date in late August, for example.

Understanding the exam

A small investment of your time into understanding the exam’s format and the testing aims of each section will pay dividends to your overall score. With each section, understand:

  1. The format: number of questions and timing constraints

  2. The testing objectives: why is this section included in the exam? What will an excellent candidate demonstrate?

  3. Scores: sections are scored slightly differently, and correct answers are not all worth the same amount of points.

Break Down Each Section of the UCAT

We can break each section of the UCAT down into question types. For example, in the SJT you will encounter appropriateness and importance questions. Each question type will have subtle differences in the approach. We can provide handy strategies for the UCAT across every section.

When approaching a section breakdown, look at the different question types, and understand and practice them in isolation for maximal benefit.

Consolidation with Practice Questions

The UCAT Consortium has an excellent selection of questions for each section. Consolidate the techniques learned when breaking down each section using these practice questions.

Timed UCAT Practice

Once comfortable with the UCAT question types, the next stage is refining the exam technique. Timing is arguably the largest hurdle when it comes to perfecting exam techniques. The MasterMedPrep UCAT timing strategy is to practice full mock sections rather than a few questions at a time, as this will ensure you have a balanced representation of easy and difficult questions.

Simulating the Exam

By now, you will have an excellent understanding of the exam and the techniques to succeed. An advanced tip we recommend is practicing in simulated conditions.

Simulating exam conditions is an excellent method of reducing nerves on the day. To do this, we recommend using an official mock paper on the UCAT consortium website and doing:

  1. Use the official UCAT calculator instead of your own; many candidates find the official calculator difficult to use if they fail to practice.

  2. Practice without your phone in the room. You will not have it during the day.

  3. Use a whiteboard to take notes as this is what you will have on the day.

Want More Guidance on the UCAT?

Our expert tutors will guide you through every section of the UCAT exam and ensure you are exam ready. Whether you prefer a 1-1, or a group setting, we have you covered. Book now!

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