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Southampton University Medicine Interview Questions Explained 2023 – The Selection Day.

You secured an interview for Southampton University Medical School, and now it’s time to turn that interview into an acceptance offer. The key lies in acing your interview with proper preparation so that nothing comes as a shock the day of. This guide lays out the general format the interview follows, the question formats you can expect to see, and the best way to answer them. Let’s get started.

Southampton University Medicine Interview General Information

The Southampton interview is unique amongst medical schools. Traditionally it is a two-part selection day, containing a group task and a traditional panel interview. Both sections are around 20 minutes long.

For 2022 entry, the selection days will be held online. Interview invites and information will be sent out two weeks before the selection day and decisions will be sent out during March.

When interviews have been in person, there is time for a Q&A period with current students. This year these Q&A sessions have been moved online and will occur in the weeks after your interview.

The selection day is focussed on assessing the non-academic criteria set by Southampton.

Southampton Medical School's Non-Academic Criteria

· Are self-motivated.

· Have reflected on relevant life experiences (this may include work experience, paid employment and personal experiences both in and outside health and social care settings).

· Can communicate effectively.

· Can interact successfully with others.

· Understand the values of the NHS constitution .

Southampton Medicine Interview: Group Activity

This is a round table discussion of 6-8 candidates discussing a topic whilst being observed by interviewers. The topics are ethics based and do not require prior knowledge of the area. The interviewers are assessing communication with others, articulation of one’s own ideas and response to the ideas of others.

Southampton Medicine Interview Group Activity Top Tips

1. Remember the aims: the interviewers want to see that you embody the teamworking and communication qualities of an excellent doctor. That you are respectful, can listen and build on others ideas. This is NOT a test of your knowledge.

2. Catalyse discussion: when making points, occasionally pose a question to the group. “I think X because of Y, what does everyone else think about this?”.

3. Encourage your group: if someone makes a good point, let them know. If you see someone quieter wanting to speak, allow them to go first and verbalise this to make room for them.

4. Be personable: learn the names of the people in your group and smile!

5. Balance your contributions: ensure you are vocal without being domineering, this is a GROUP discussion

Southampton Medical School Panel Interview

The interviewer will have a copy of your personal statement and ask you specific questions about this. Interviewers will want to learn about your motivation, personal qualities, extra-curricular activities, and knowledge of Southampton!

Group station example topic: should parents who refuse to allow their children to receive the childhood vaccination schedule be punished?

Here are some example questions you may encounter inspired by the Southampton University briefing!

Background questions

· Tell us about yourself?

· What do you think makes a good doctor?

· Why do you want to study medicine?

Competencies and reflective learning

· How will you balance the stresses of work and extracurricular activities?

· What difficulties do you think you will face and how will you tackle these?

· What role does humour take in a team? Can you give an example?

Further studies questions

· Justify to me why the government pay for your programme of study

· If you were not accepted onto a programme of study here, what would you do afterwards?

· How would you dissuade someone from going into medicine?

Depth of Interest in Medicine

· Can you tell me about an article relating to medicine that you have read recently?

· Tell me something that interests you about the history of medicine.

Knowledge of Southampton Medical School

· Tell me why you want to come to Southampton.

· Why do you fit the teaching methods here?

· What is your preferred learning style?

Top tips for Southampton Medicine Interview

This is a panel interview, this differs from MMI in ways that can be seen as both positive and negative.

Positively, you have chance to build rapport with your interviewer.

To build rapport;

= Be personable, be yourself and smile! Interviewers are human too, if you can connect and engage with them that’s part of the battle to securing a good score!

However, you will be under more pressure! During the MMI you have 1 minute of reading time to compose yourself and plan your answer, a luxury which is absent during a panel interview.

To mitigate this;

· THINK BEFORE YOU ANSWER! This cannot be emphasised enough! Pause, plan, and speak, silence is ok as it shows you are thinking about what you have been asked. By taking time to consider the interviewers question, you will speak more deliberately and likely produce better answers

· Speak slowly: pressure in interviews often leads to faster and harder to understand speech. You will be giving excellent answers so don’t let yourself down by speaking too fast to be understood

Interviews may seem daunting, but with proper preparation everyone can succeed! For additional help with preparing for your other universities check our blogs section!

Get in touch if you want expert advice and tuition for Southampton Medical School.



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