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Preparing for the UCAT SJT: Two Essential Principles Every Applicant Needs

How Can I Prepare for the SJT?

When preparing for the SJT, you should have two main focuses:

  1. Exam format: you are required to answer all questions in a set time period.

  2. Situational mindset: the model answers are based on the principles used by medical professionals. It is essential to be familiar with this.

Preparing for the Exam Format

With 26 minutes to complete the SJT. Broken down into 69 questions over 22 scenarios, meaning you will have around 70 seconds per scenario and 23 seconds per question, failure to familiarise yourself with the time pressure would be to do yourself a disservice!

On top of your question bank or book practice, we recommend doing all official timed UCAT tests. Doing test to time will ensure that you are comfortable with the pace of the exam and understand how long each section will take you.

Refining your Situational Mindset

Most candidates are in their final years of high school and will not have spent any significant amount of time in a medical setting. Therefore, there is generally a separation between the mindset of the examiner writing the questions and the candidate sitting the exam. You should aim to align your mindset and think like an examiner/ doctor!

In order to do this, you must familiarise yourself with the accepted deciding principles of the medical profession. We recommend reading ‘Good Medical Practice’ by the GMC (professional regulator of UK doctors). Good medical practice is an advisory document for doctors, outlining the expected moral standards and behavioural conduct. By understanding the core principles of this document, you will be able to think on these terms and answer questions with a degree of medical accuracy.

Closing Notes

Without a structured factual syllabus unlike an exam you may sit at school, the UCAT is an exam which requires practice. The pointers we have provided should help you focus this practice, the next step is to regularly practice with questions and full mocks.

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More Questions about the UCAT or Medical Admissions in General?

We have information on the MasterMedPrep website breaking down every element of the medical school admissions process. If you have a specific query please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us using the LiveChat on our website, via email or via any of our social media channels.


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