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My journey into medicine

Hi, I’m Cameron,

I’m currently completing an intercalated MSc in Healthcare, Ethics & Law

at the University of Manchester between my third and fourth years of

medicine. My journey into medicine helped me appreciate the value of a

good mentor when preparing an application.

I’m originally from Suffolk where I attended state schools throughout my

school career. In sixth form, I was one of two medicine applications in my

year. Prior to this, my school had no applications for medicine in three

years. Unlike many schools, I did not have the benefit of a medical society

with an established network of contacts to assist with my application.

Although, giving credit where it’s due, my head of sixth form and a few

other teachers where fantastic when it came to helping me practice for

my interviews, supporting me as best as they could.

Most elements of my application were self-organised. I was lucky enough

to secure a week of work experience with a local GP which cemented my

interest in medicine. My local hospital has a well-established ward

volunteer programme which I attended for two hours each week over six

months. This was an invaluable opportunity for me to build up my

experience in a caring role and gave me an insight into life on the wards.

When it came to preparing for UCAT and interviews, the support of

experienced mentors was extremely useful in refining my preparation.

Whilst revising for my A-Levels and preparing for my university

application, I realised that a more independent style of learning was

better suited for me. I applied to medical schools offering problem based

learning (PBL) and was successful in getting all 4 offers, choosing

Manchester as my first choice.


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