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Medicine Interview Hot Topics: Where To Start?

What are Medical Hot Topics?

Medical hot topics are issues that affect the NHS and the medical profession as a whole. Understanding them is crucial to understanding the role of a doctor.

They cover a wide variety of issues from working conditions and contracts to public health and epidemiology; both in the UK and the world as a whole.


  • Antibiotic resistance - The overuse of antibiotics in hospitals and primary care has led to increased rates of bacterial infections that aren’t affected by antibiotics. These are very dangerous and challenging to treat.

  • Covid-19 pandemic and response - As most people are aware the Covid-19 pandemic placed enormous strain on hospitals and healthcare staff, changing their role significantly.

  • Aging population - As more people live longer they become more prone to certain diseases, placing a strain on hospitals and primary care.

  • Obesity and inactivity - Obesity places people at an increased risk of many serious conditions and is affecting more people at younger ages.

  • Mental health - Rates of conditions such as anxiety and depression are on the increase and increase the risk of physical health conditions and reduce quality of life.

  • NHS shortages - There are widespread shortages of staff across the NHS. Recruitment and retention of staff continues to be a significant issue.

  • Historic issues - While not immediately pressing there are many issues and scandals that have led to changes in how the NHS runs. These include the mid-staffordshire scandal, junior doctors contracts and Harold Shipman.

Why Are Hot Topics Important For Medical School Interviews?

Medical schools are looking for candidates who are passionate about medicine and have continuously engaged with the subject. By having knowledge of these issues you can demonstrate this engagement.

Working as a doctor is extremely challenging due to the responsibility of the job and the volume of work that's required. These hot topic issues make it even more challenging. Being aware of these issues before you apply means you are less likely to experience burnout. In cutthroat terms medical schools don’t want to waste time and money training doctors who will burnout and quit.

How To Find Out About Medical Hot topics?

You will not be expected to have detailed knowledge and understanding as you are only answering short questions. Instead; focus on awareness and understanding of the key issues.

  • Hot topics are covered in Detail on the MasterMedPrep website and on our interview course.

How To Prepare For Medical Hot Topics In Your Medical Interview

  • In the months leading up to your interview pay attention to the news and note any hot topic issues that arise relating to healthcare. It can help to split your notes into the following:


    • Issues that affect THE NHS

    • Issues that affect PATIENTS

  • Research these issues that come up in the news. You will only need enough knowledge to fill a short paragraph.

  • Make sure you understand both sides of the issue as there are numerous perspectives and medical schools want candidates with a balanced, well-rounded view.

  • An example

    • Antibiotics resistance - Antibiotic resistant bacteria pose a threat to patients infected by them so we should be careful on how we prescribe antibiotics. However, patients often seek antibiotics for their illness and in seriously ill patients clinicians don’t always have the time to identify the bacteria and so have to use broad spectrum antibiotics.

If you want any advice from us on medicine hot topics please get in touch. We are always happy to hear from aspirational potential future doctors!


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