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Keele University Medical School Roles & Responsibilities Form 2023

What is the Keele Roles & Responsibilities form?

The Roles & Responsibilities Form is a significant part of Keele Medical School's entrance criteria. It is like an expanded personal statement providing more information, including why you chose to apply to Keele Medical School.

We know exactly what they are looking for and if you have any questions about the Manchester non-academic form then please do get in touch! The admissions team are looking for personal experiences where you have developed and demonstrated skills which will help you in your future medical career. The focus should be on the insights you have gained from your experiences, rather than just listing everything you have done. For the official guidance notes click here.

Top tips

Be honest - if you are caught making stuff up then you will be removed from the application process and it is not worth it!
Do not plagiarise or self-plagiarise - do not copy anyone else and do not just copy and paste your personal statement!
Use structured reflection - use the STAR method for writing responses. It is key that you reflect on what you gained from your experiences.
Do not list - this is not a shopping list. Quality experiences with reflection is preferable to listing your achievements and experiences.
Get it checked by someone else - it could be your parent, it could be your friend, it could be your teacher, it could be us here at MasterMedPrep. The more people that check your answer the better!

When is the deadline for submitting the Keele Roles & Responsibilities Form?

You will receive the form through a link on the Keele applicant portal on 7th November 2022. The deadline for the submission of this form is 11:59pm on Monday 21st November 2022. You must submit the form on the Keele applicants portal and we strongly recommend that you keep a copy for reference.

If you do not have an e-mail saying your form has been received before the deadline, this means your form has not been received and will not be assessed.

How is the Keele Roles & Responsibilities Form Assessed?

Admissions tutors, like our tutors here at MasterMedPrep, see 1000s of applications per year and know what they are looking for. Keele Medical School is specifically looking for your Roles & Responsibilities Form to evidence the values in the NHS Constitution.

  • commitment to one or more role(s) involving direct engagement with people, ideally with an element of care, support or assistance

  • the value of the role(s) you undertook, in terms of contribution to the wellbeing of others and/or demonstration of appropriate personal characteristics

  • the level of responsibility taken in any of the above roles

  • a clear example of a situation where you did something that had a significant beneficial outcome for another person

  • any exceptional achievements or circumstances

Guidance From Keele University

The exact guidance can be found here.

Section 1 - Please provide details of up to fourexperiences involving significant direct engagement with people that you have undertaken, preferably within the past 3 years.

  • There is space for 4 opportunities. You must be honest and provide full contact details as Keele Medical School will use these contact details to verify what you say.

  • Please focus on long-term (6-12 months) voluntary experiences where possible.

  • Maximum credit is for voluntary experience of 160 hours.

  • Experiences do not have to be medical or formal caring experience.

  • No credit given for workplace shadowing.

  • No credit will be given for overseas experiences that would not be commonly available in the United Kingdom.

  • You can include being an unpaid carer.

  • You can include paid roles if you are clear about this and you believe that you have done something exceptional and it is worth including here.

  • These might involve roles within their home community, such as supporting vulnerable and elderly neighbours, within their school/college/workplace community or in support of charities and other organisations whose activities have been restricted by lockdown/social-distancing measures. Direct engagement does not have to be physically face-to-face.

Section 2 - Please provide details of what you actually did within one or more of the experiences you have recorded in Section 1

  • Please use the STARR reflective technique.

  • Please do not list experiences. You must explain what YOU did, how YOU achieved it, YOUR reflection, and LINK to the NHS Constitution and the values intrinsic to becoming a doctor.

  • Maximum 1,100 characters including spaces (around 200 words).

  • NO credit given for shadowing. Only credit given to things YOU did and can evidence.

  • Please be totally honest and do not exagerate.

  • Please do not mention anything that you should not being doing at your level of experience or competency.

Section 3 - Please provide details of any responsibility you have taken on, either in the workplace, while volunteering or at school/college/university.

  • Please use the STARR reflective technique.

  • Please talk about ONE example of when you showed leadership, a position of trust, or acted in an organisational role.

  • You must be specific! What exactly what your role? What exactly was your responsibility? What exactly did you achive and what is your evidence?

  • Please only use ONE example and reflect well on it.

  • Maximum 1,100 characters including spaces (around 200 words).

  • No credit given for titles (such as Head Boy/Girl etc). Credit given to a genuine experience, evidenced, and reflected on well.

Section 4 - Please give an example of a situation where you have helped or provided care for somebody (by this we mean an individual person)

  • Please use the STARR reflective technique.

  • Please talk about one specific example. No lists!

  • You must give a specific example of when you have made a positive impact on an individual.

  • Maximum 850 characters including spaces (around 150 words).

  • Regular committment to an individual is preferred to one-off examples.

  • Please follow confidentiality rules. No names or specific details about the individual. Age and gender is okay.

  • You can write about caring for a family member but you must prove that you went above and beyond.

  • Does not have to be a caring or medical experience.

  • Making a positive impact on an individual through supporting, mentoring, coaching etc through a specific, sustained effort then this may also prove a good example.

Section 5 - Please provide details of any exceptional achievements or exceptional (difficult) circumstances you would like us to consider in marking your application.

  • You can leave this blank. That would be better than being dishonest.

  • Please give a specific example and expand on it using the STARR technique.

  • Exceptional achievements - can be in any area, be creative! It could include major awards, success in a particular arena etc.

  • Exceptional difficulties - please do write about this and be specific in your reflection.

  • Maximum 600 characters including spaces (around 100 words).

Keele Roles & Responsibilites Form Review

Keele Medical School is increasingly competitive and it is important that you get your Roles & Responsibilities (R+R) Form right.

✔ Detailed feedback from Top Doctors who review Keele Non-Academic Forms.

✔ Email support.

✔ Proforma put together by an academic doctor.

✔ Practical steps and advice for your medical application.

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