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How do Medical and Dental Schools Use My UCAT Score? A breakdown.

How Do Universities Use My UCAT Score?

For universities that use the UCAT as part of their selection process, the weighting to which an applicant’s score is used varies from a simple minimum cut-off in order to be invited to interview, to making up a larger portion of the selection weighting. However, the UCAT will still have some weighting on whether or not a candidate is offered a place; in this sense, a strong UCAT can genuinely open the door to the offer of four interviews for medical school.

The cohort averages change year on year for the UCAT, so it is difficult to predict exactly what score will be needed. However, aiming to place yourself within the top 30% of candidates does generally open the door to some universities using cut-off scores, and placing yourself within the top 10% will open the door to all universities using cut-off scores.