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BMAT Preparation Timeline - How to structure your time to get an excellent score

Structuring your time and having a clear idea of what happens when is crucial to making sure you get yourself the best score possible on the BMAT. Here’s an example of what things might look like for you!

6 months to test day

  • Unless you’re resitting or on a slightly different journey, you’re in year 12/lower sixth/S5 now

  • You know you’re applying to medicine and have tailored your subjects to suit this

  • You’re going to open days and starting to decide where it is that you want to apply

  • One or more of your chosen universities require the BMAT!

3-4 months to test day

4-6 weeks to test day

  • 4-6 weeks to test day is when you want to start some solid revision

  • You want to start with a small amount of time each day and gradually increase the time you spend revising throughout these six weeks

  • You can use MasterMedPrep’s BMAT blogs for pointers

  • The Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing site has a BMAT resources page with free resources you can start preparing with

3-5 weeks to test day

  • Make sure in this time frame you are now sitting full and timed BMAT mocks

  • Make sure you’re making notes of topics you find tricky and brush up on the content specifications in these areas

  • Have someone mark your essays, this can be parents or teachers that you can give the marking scheme to or a BMAT coach

1 day to test day

  • Take it easy. Do something fun or relaxing or whatever you’d like the day before your exam, just treat yourself to a rest day.

  • You got this!

Next Steps

The BMAT is a tricky test as with any medical admissions test, but with the right preparation, it is an exam that you can ace!

Any further questions?

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