Craft the Perfect Medicine Personal Statement.
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What is a personal statement?

This is your only opportunity to show admissions tutors at medical or dental schools what you are all about - your life, work experience, extracurriculars, desire to study medicine/dentistry, and more.

Medical and dental school personal statements are unique and we know how to write successful personal statements.

See our free blog post (link below) for our free Personal Statement Checklist!

Why choose MasterMedPrep?

We always ensure that an admissions expert reviews each personal statement to ensure high-quality reviews every time.

You will receive detailed feedback on every part of your personal statement to ensure that you are including the things that medical/dental school admissions tutors are looking for! You can always email us for free expert advice and we are very responsive. 


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What are my options?

We offer two personal statement reviewing services.

  • Medical Student Review - a medical student trained in reviewing personal statements will do the review. 

  • Doctor Review - a doctor trained in reviewing personal statements will do the review. 

  • Personal Statement Workshop - We have designed 2 hours of high-yield personal statement teaching if you are not sure where to start! 

In a rush?

We will have all personal statements back to you within 96 hours. You can pay an additional £25 to guarantee that it will be returned to you within 24 hours.

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