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What Is Admissions Consulting?

An admissions consultant is an expert in their field and they examine the strengths of a student and then recommend an application plan. 

Admissions consulting is more common in the USA but is becoming an increasingly popular part of the admissions process in the UK. 

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Do I need an admissions consultant?

No - there is no requirement to use an admissions consultant and you can still access all of our other services.

Medicine and dentistry is increasingly competitive in the UK and having an admissions consultant is a great advantage. Accurate, up-to-date information with trained coaching makes a wealth of difference in a student’s outcome.

Why Choose Us?


We have many years of experience in medical admissions and an excellent track record of getting students into medical or dental school.

We will send you a detailed application form to fill in prior to the session and assess the students strengths and weaknesses. Dan or Cameron will then meet with the student and close relatives and build a plan together for a successful application. We will be on hand throughout the whole application process to answer questions and will follow the student and family throughout the process. 

We believe that anyone can benefit from admissions consulting as we can explore every possible avenue to try to get into medical or dental school. We are experienced at working with students with low GCSEs, low UCAT/BMAT scores, and students from unusual backgrounds.

Questions? Get in touch below. 

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