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After years of success helping students get into medical or dental school. MasterMedPrep aims to deliver our unique approach to admissions to a wider cohort of aspiring future doctors and dentists.

We are supported by the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre at the University of Manchester & The Medical Defence Union (MDU). Both share our vision of helping students get into their dream medical school.



We are a friendly and passionate team of doctors and medical students. We are a small team and each one of us brings a range of experience to MasterMedPrep. We believe that our team represents some of the amazing diversity within medicine. 

All of our team are top medics with clean full enhanced DBS checks. We continually reflect on our teaching practices to ensure that we are always delivering the most up-to-date information, advice, and top tips to our students. 

Unlike our competitors (the big companies - you know who we are talking about), we only hire top medics with a proven track record of getting students into medical school. We strive to be totally transparent and you can meet our team below! 

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